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Pasco Doors specifically focuses on automatic and manual entrances systems and is passionate about providing the best product available to meet the customers design, security, and aesthetic requirements.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet with architects, contractors, and all end users to help them determine the right system and then we follow through until the new installation is complete.

Pasco Doors’ service department is acutely aware of the importance of providing timely and competent repair service to existing automatic manual doors.

Our service department will try to understand the problem that is requiring a service call and dispatch the best technician to resolve the issue; we will stay with you until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

If you are considering a new automatic door please review the following reasons for installing one:

  1. ADA COMPLIANCE AND ELDERLY ACCESS – Millions of Americans are disabled and the number grows annually as the average population age increases. Automatic doors welcome all users, regardless of their physical capabilities or age, with an accommodating open door.
  2. MORE CHOICES – With so many colors, finishes, and designs available, automatic doors can enhance any business’ unique style.
  3. CUSTOMERS PREFER AUTOMATIC DOORS – Research proves that customers prefer automatic doors and expect to see them at hospitals, hotels/motels, shopping malls, retail stores, and airports.
  4. CONVENIENCE – Automatic doors enable easy access for all and instantly demonstrate to users that the establishment cares about their convenience.
  5. IMAGE – First impressions do matter. Automatic doors are state-of-the-art.
  6. EASY TO OWN, USE & MAINTAIN – When automatic doors are installed and maintained properly, day-to-day operation is trouble free.
  7. COST/VALUE – Automatic doors that are properly serviced and maintained practically pay for themselves in terms of convenience and energy savings.
  8. ENERGY SAVINGS – Automatic doors effectively reduce wasted energy in multiple ways and often significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Pasco Doors has enjoyed a long business relationship with each of the automatic door companies we represent and it is because of the product quality they provide and our commitment to quality customer service that Pasco Doors has such a long history in the door industry.

record-usa is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of automatic doors with 26 record subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, and they have over 50 years’ experience in mechanical, sensor technology, electronics, and software for automatic doors systems and related products. They offer a complete line of automatic swing door operators, sliding and folding automatic doors and the Blasi in-floor operator and revolving door. Record doors are manufactured in their state-of-the-art production facility in North Carolina. Click on the logo for their complete product line, drawings and specifications.
Tormax Technologies Inc. located in San Antonio, Texas is one of the leading door system suppliers in the USA and worldwide. They pride themselves in providing high quality, quick response, technically supported solutions for Swing Doors, Sliding Doors, Doors for Extreme Conditions, Escape Route & Fire Doors, Industrial Doors, Semi-Circular Doors, Revolving Doors, Manual Doors-ICU, Controls, Accessories and Door Management Systems. They are your one resource for everything from automatic entrance systems, door sensors, swing door operators, smoke rated doors, telescoping automatic sliding doors and custom doors. Visit their website for technical drawings and specifications on all products by clicking the logo.
Royal Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with 140 years of experience in engineering quality, they have gained extensive expertise in managing the movement of people through offie buildings, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels, and many other types of buildings. They are focused on providing an optimal experience for their clients. By working together with you, our client, we help determine the exact requirements for the mobility hotspot in and around your building and develop a solution that is customized for you in three key areas: sustainability, security, and service. With a distribution network that spans the globe, they are able to offer the Boom Edam Experience anywhere, anytime. Principal products offered are revolving doors, security doors and portals, optical turnstiles and access gates. Visit their website by clicking on the logo.
Allegion, a leading global provider of security products and solutions, is a recent spinoff from Ingersoll Rand. The $2 billion-a-year company is headquartered in Ireland, with a regional corporate center in Carmel, Indiana serving the USA. Allegion’s portfolio includes strategic brands LCN, Schlage and Von Duprin. The Allegion logo will lead you to their complete product line of door hardware.

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