Core Values

Pasco Doors has specific values that each employee is expected to demonstrate whether dealing with customers, vendors, the general public or other employees. If you feel that we do not live up to those values at any time, please call us on it.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Everyone is entitled to DIGNITY, always.
  2. We RESPECT every individual and our environment.
  3. We require complete HONESTY in everything we do.
  4. CLARITY in understanding our mission, goals, roles, commitments, and responsibilities is critical for our success.
  5. Everyone is RESPONSIBLE for the consequences of their actions and decisions. We expect decisions to be made wisely, commitments given to be HONORED, and each individual to be ACCOUNTABLE for the outcome of their decisions.
  6. We are a team and COOPERATION is essential, as we win or lose together.
  7. DISCIPLINE in making business decisions is expected. Regardless of the outcome, decisions made with the best effort and intentions will be supported, but sloppiness or lack of effort will not be tolerated.
  8. Life is a process of LEARNING, and tomorrow will be better only if we learn from the experiences of today.
  9. Work is an important part of life, but only one element. We strive for an appropriate BALANCE among personal, work, family, and community needs.

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