Doors are the portals through which all buildings welcome or control pedestrian traffic

Some doors are designed to introduce a building through architectural design and appeal; some doors place function before form and are designed to restrict entry to only those presenting the proper security credentials; some doors are made for safely entering or exiting with speed and convenience and other doors simply provide ingress and egress to meet public building and safety codes.

Automatic entrances are a tool that business owners and building managers use to help them:

  • Modernize a building front and provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance
  • Provide primary security for a building
  • Comply with laws governing ADA accessibility to public buildings
  • Control internal traffic between specialized offices within a building
  • Provide an audit trail for traffic in and out of controlled areas
  • Provide fire and life safety barriers in corridors
  • Provide “hands free” access to all

Pasco Doors has been providing new products and solutions for virtually every type of pedestrian door application for over 25 years in the Southern California area represents manufacturers of some of the most advanced technology in door automation and safety in the world.

Pasco Doors’ service department is eager to assist in solving problems with existing automatic and manual doors from all manufacturers and will dispatch an AAADM Certified technician during normal business hours or anytime there is an emergency need for service.

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